Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Do universities offer value for money?

41% of students in English universities don’t think they do.  The Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) surveyed 15,000 undergraduates in different disciplines on well-being, satisfaction rates, etc.  The students surveyed were among the first to pay £9000 per year in fees.  41% is relatively low when compared to 70% of Scottish students who feel they are getting good value for money. Most Scottish students do not pay fees...

Monday, 26 May 2014

Peer learning

Foreign language students at the Virginia Commonwealth University are using a modern version of pen-pals to improve learning.  Students are using Skype, Google Hangouts or Adobe Connect to talk to students who are learning English in other countries.  The process is known as teletandem or telecollaboration…

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Searching Electronic Theses Online through British Library

If you need some help tracking down UK doctoral theses, use the link below to access EThOS, the Electronic Theses Online Service available through the British Library. Of the 300,000 records, 80,000 of those are full text. Where a copy of a thesis has yet to be digitised, EThOS works with institutions to provide 'digitisation on demand'.

Search Electronic Theses Online

Doing Ethical research

Writing in the Guardian's Higher Education Network, Hannah Farrimond, author of 'Doing Ethical Research' offers some advice for those wishing to practise ethical research. Her book and others on ethics in research are available in the Learning Teaching and Technology (LTT) collection in DIT Library Bolton Street.

How to do ethical research

Academic Writing Summer School at NUI Maynooth

NUI Maynooth Writing Centre will host a week long summer writing school from July 28th until 1st August 2014. The school will provide an opportunity for teachers of writing from all areas of education to meet, share good practice and learn more about writing and the teaching of writing See the link below for more information about the event and an application form.

Link to Academic Writing Summer School

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

UCD amends job advert calling for 'university' graduate PhDs

The Irish Times reports how UCD have amended a job advert for a lecturer position which seemed to bar graduates from institutes of technology.  The wording has sparked fresh debate about employers discriminating against graduates of particular institutions. 

Job Advert allows only university PhD

Does academic snobbery allow certain institutions to rest on their laurels?

Today's Irish Times asks the question, does academic snobbery allow certain institutions to rest on their laurels? Follow the link below to see how Institutes of Technologies are outperforming many universities in different competencies such as areas like industry collaboration, 'interdisciplinary publications' and artistic output.

Click here for link: Are IOTs better than universities?