Wednesday, 4 June 2014

New Book: Academic Working Lives

A timely and interesting new book published by Bloomsbury has recently been added into stock in the LTT collection in Bolton Street Library. Contributors to Academic working lives: experience, practice and change explore the current debate surrounding the key aspects of academic professional identity and relationships in the modern academic workplace. Contributors examine lecturer's everyday working experiences in the light of the impact of policy changes and the modes of academic leadership and management in contemporary higher education. Situations and contexts are reflected from across the UK and internationally.

Further information available here:

Link to Bloomsbury: Academic Working Lives

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Who says innovators should be young?

As life expectancy in society generally lengthens, the age profile of academic researchers in the UK has shifted upwards. With good evidence to suggest that these researchers are publishing top-class research the authors of this article suggest that academics reach their creative peak in their fifties. But is churning out several papers a year the best use of their talents? How should universities adapt to an ageing population of scholars?

Who says innovators should be young?