Monday, 29 May 2017

Academics urged to embrace wider research dissemination

A recent report has claimed that scholarly publishing gives undue weight to commercial concerns thus stymieing the move towards open access and free sharing of knowledge. The report 'Untangling Academic Publishing: A History of the Relationship between Commercial Interests, Academic Prestige and the Circulation of Knowledge' has urged academics to resist signing over the copyright of their research to a “profit-oriented” academic publisher while recommending that university leaders seek ways to ensure that copyright remains with the author. Speaking to the Times Higher Education, Dr Aileen Fyfe the project lead, has said that what matters most is “what you publish” and that you “get lots of people to read it”. Read more by following the link below, by accessing the journal directly through the library e-journal portal or by accessing the database Nexis UK.

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Academics urged to embrace wider research dissemination

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