Saturday, 20 May 2017

Some light reading for the summer months….

If want to refresh your memory of Bloom's taxonomy, consider the importance of social and cultural issues surrounding learning with Vygotsky or reflect with Schon, then there are a number of excellent books on all the major educational theorists in the LTT collection.  However if you’re looking for more of a pithy overview of each of the major theorists, then Aubrey & Riley’s book, Understanding & Using education theories might be what you’re looking for.

There is a chapter dedicated to each well-known educational theorist, outlining their early life, major theories, some critique, and influences and links to other theorists.

Bob Bates applies the same practice of providing a brief, yet informative account of learning theories in his book, Learning theories simplified.  Beginning with the philosophy of Socrates and Aristotle through to assessment and curriculum planning, this is another “light” read for the summer…

For details and availability please follow the link/s below

Learning theories simplified

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